Friday, November 26, 2010

Kieren Update

Poor Kiers!!

She has been battling for the past week and we are only seeing small glimpses of hope - but we take whatever we can get!  I took her to the doctor AGAIN yesterday because she was screaming of an unknown pain for hours - so unsettling!  We saw a new doctor because our normal one had patients and it was SUCH A BLESSING.  Because of Kieren's time in the hospital and many doctor visits in the past year, she became terrified of even walking into a doctor's office. 
We bought her a play medical kit to talk and play about doctor tools, and have seen some improvement in her anxiety, but still she is so upset at the doctor (totally normal for any kid!).  So we went to see a new guy, Doctor Levine, and he was incredibly compassionate and WONDERFUL with Kieren.  He was very gentle and talked her through every part of the examination and she only cried at the throat gag check (I cry too then....) and was so quiet and calm the rest of the visit.  PRAISE!  I was so proud of her and thankful for this new doctor.  They really don't have many specialized pediatricians here, so this guy is such a great new part of our team :)  He even called us this morning to check on Kieren!  So she now has a bad ear infection and the bronchitis hasn't cleared.  We are continuing our same course of antibiotics and hoping to see results through the weekend.  In the meantime we try to manage her pain, but she is just SAD.  SO SAD.  She cries at everything and just wants to sit on the couch with us - very strange behavior indeed.  It is heartbreaking to see your little one in this state, especially for so long!  She is just miserable, and Casey took the two-hour night shift when she was up screaming and in pain.  Needless to say, Casey and I are DEFINITELY struggling from caring for her and just sad also!  Luckily we have Granny and she took her all day yesterday.  We have different plans today and through the weekend, so hopefully we can keep her distracted while her body heals.  Prayers for this sweet girl!  I miss her laugh!!


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Jenny Sherouse PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!! I really hope she gets better soon. Give her a hug from me!