Friday, October 15, 2010

A Few Things....

A few things,

First of all, OMG I need to take more pictures of us and ESPECIALLY of Kieren. I will try to get on that this weekend. She is SO cute right now and fun and repeating EVERYTHING we say. It's hilarious. But while you are thinking of her, say a little prayer for her as she has a horrible cold this week. For her, because of her asthma, that was diagnosed while in the States this summer, when she gets a little cold it turns into a major ordeal with phlegm, coughing ALL THE TIME, and fevers, etc. She was pretty miserable yesterday which was so sad; hoping for a better day today.

Today should be a fun day. Casey and I have found out about some colleges that are hosting 'links' to the Lausanne Conference that Casey mentioned a couple days ago.

It is a conference bringing people in from all over the world to speak about poverty and development. So we get to go hear from a few of the delegates today and enter part of the conversation. Very exciting! My mind is filled lately with questions about poverty development and how we help people to holistically develop when they are born and raised in a situation like Ocean View. They are stuck in such a depressing mindset and it's hard to watch it day after month after year. I went yesterday to visit a friend in Ocean View, Maggie, that I have ministered to over the past year. I have seen many glimmers of hope in her life and even prayed with her after a sermon I preached to receive Christ as her Savior (so cool!). But she is depressed right now and STUCK in a life of nothing and not sure how to move forward. She has a young daughter, Mia, who is adorable and full of life, but Maggie is on the edge of going back into a bad relationship and has been 'looking' for work for over a year, but not really pursuing it that hard. It can just feel helpless for young women in this community and I want to learn how better to vision and plan with them to develop and grow their lives. This place inspires me and puts a fire in my gut to learn and move forward! It's pretty exciting.

It's a major SPORT weekend as Casey will go with friends tonight to watch a double- header (two games) of soccer and then we will watch a Rugby semi-final game tomorrow with friends at our home. On Sunday I preach at Ocean View and then HOPE to take Mathy and Antoine with us to Hillsong and dinner. For some reason taking them is complicated, and so this is the third time we are trying and hope it works! They continue to move forward but could really use a night away and some spiritual encouragement. Hope to throw in some time outside in there as the Cape Town weather is warming up and we are hoping for a beautiful weekend! So much to enjoy!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead too!
Lots of love,

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Greg said...

Sounds like a great weekend is planned. I pray that it was a blessing!