Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Exciting Cape Town

This is an important time in Cape Town.  The 3rd Lausanne Congress for World Evangelization is happening here starting this week.  It's brought a lot of energy to know that many church leaders are among us here in Cape Town.  The Congress first happened in 1974.  They had another in 1989.  And now they are meeting again.  It's an invitational type of event with delegates from all over the world.  Our buddy Christ Heuertz, that we have mentioned here before on the blog, will be one of the delegates.  So will Andy Chenlo's aunt.
There are some corresponding events happening throughout the city while people are in town and we will go to a few of those .  There is also a global link that people can watch around the world.  There is probably a hosting site near you.  Check out the Lausanne website for much more info.


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very cool! FYI, here is an article about tax changes that make adoption much more affordable (hint, hint):