Monday, October 18, 2010

This is Why...

The skyline in Cape Town on a beautiful night is something spectacular to see.

We are fortunate enough to have a car and with our weekly trips to Hillsong on Sunday night we get to see beautiful Cape Town at night weekly.  We take it for granted though, because it is such a treat, and we were reminded of that this weekend.  We finally were able to take Antoine and Mathy with us for a Sunday night Hillsong outing and it was a beautiful Cape Town spring evening.  We went a bit early into town which was nice to introduce them to a few of our Hillsong friends and sit outside in the city a bit.  The evening worship service was amazing AS USUAL and the message spoken by head pastor Phil Dooley was EXACTLY what Antoine and Mathy needed to hear.  It was titled 'What Do You See' and was all about seeing our world with eyes of faith.  They need HUGE eyes of faith right now after walking through the tragedy of losing baby Lauren and now heading toward their vision of moving back to the Congo and starting an AIDS NGO to serve their people.  They are still walking towards great grief and pain and were deeply encouraged by the message that God obviously wanted them to hear.  We then went to dinner at a place called 'Arnolds' in downtown Cape Town with a group of old and new friends.  It was a usual sort of spot for us on Sunday night, but afterwards Antoine and Mathy admitted it was the nicest place they had ever been.  They remarked that in their five years living in Cape Town they had never been to the city at night and had an experience like that.  We had a great meal together (Antoine had crocodile which is a usual meat served in the Congo!) and great fellowship and conversation.  One new friend even connected and prayed for Mathy which was a beautiful moment.  They were pretty much overwhelmed by the night and so blessed by it all.   They just kept thanking us over and over.

It was SO humbling to share the time with these special friends.  We both remark from time to time that God has obviously ordained our friendship because we have such a strong and deep bond with one another.  I love and cherish these people so much and just feel honored that God would bless me so much that I could bless them.  It is a real privilege and was all I hoped it could be - a night away from their community and hardships to worship God and enjoy the blessings of life.  God is so amazing.

Other than that, we had a wonderful weekend together as a family!  We spent Saturday mostly at home together, Casey and I both taking runs near the beach, taking Kieren for a hike with our 'girls,' watching rugby with friends and dinner out.  Sunday morning I preached at Ocean View Methodist and enjoyed a blessed Sunday with our church family.  After Kieren's nap we went to a local beach for ice cream and a walk before picking up Antoine and Mathy.  It is warming up here, we are putting our heaters up in the garage, and pulling out the summer clothes!  So nice!

This was such a great weekend, and just a reminder of WHY we do what we do.  We are truly blessed to be a blessing, and as trite and simple as that can sound, it is profound when lived out in life.

Lots of love,