Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bible Study with the Women

We are slowly making a change in our Monday night Ocean View women's group.  We have been spending months just coming together and sharing our stories and lives.  This has been revolutionary to these ladies because in our community you never share openly, especially as a woman, because people use it against you and gossip about you to tear you down.  People are very hurt in this community and as I fully believe, 'hurt people hurt people.'  So to come together and learn to trust and care and listen and love one another is a beautiful new thing for many of these women.  Our time together is often one of the highlights of my week.  However, we have grown so much and God is blessing the group so that every week my living room is FULL to capacity and we probably have about 30-40 women that come in and out of the group.  I have felt a tug from God calling us to grow and reach out to others so they can be blessed like this group of women have been.  So very slowly I have unveiled a vision for these women to start a weekly community Women's Bible Study for women in Ocean View.  The time would have teaching and then 'small groups' to discuss, be accountable, and connect.  They have been cautious to let go of something so good, but are jumping into the vision to spread the blessing we are experiencing.  The goal is to launch the study, where we will study the Gospel of Luke, at the beginning of January!  So please pray for this process!

In preparation for the change, I thought it might be nice to start a bit of Bible Study in our weekly support meetings, and so for the month of October we are studying the Proverbs 31 woman.  The women confessed that they have never really studied the Bible and don't know much of it themselves, so this will be empowering and deepen their faith.  We started Monday night and it went great!  You can see a copy of my leader notes here.  God is moving with these women and I love seeing it unfold!

Lots of love,

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