Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Challenging Thoughts...

This is a blog post from a great leader in the States on Reconciliation.  His name is Chris Rice, and he was a student with me at Duke and now has helped to form the Center for Reconciliation (see it here) that is at my alumni, Duke Divinity.  It's a great center and I would love to do anything with them!  So our other friend, Chris Huertz, posted this blog by Chris, some of his thoughts from a recent conference at Duke on reconciliation and friendship.  Click here to see Chris Rice's thoughts titled 'Embracing the Ambiguities.  The article speaks to some of the tensions that arise when we befriend people 'at the margins' or who are different from us, and it gives a peak into some of the struggles and thoughts I have been having lately.  I wonder how I can have authentic and full relationships with people here in Ocean View when we are so different and there are places where we can never understand or be the same?  I am thankful that other people are asking these questions and wrestling to find answers along with me!

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