Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review by Sarah

The Tortilla Curtain by by TC Boyle

Somehow in our crazy, chaotic traveling time in the US, I had some spare moments to read, and finished a great book on the plane ride back home last week. It was reccomended by a friend who visted here, Kate Berry, and she knows my love for race and relationships and all the drama that encompasses the two, and knew I would love this work of fiction. It centers around two characters, one man who is an illegal Mexican immigrant trying to survive in Southern California and the other a privileged white American struggling to find peace in the Southern California desert that is being invaded with intruders from the South. The tales weaves back and forth between their two lives and crashes together in pivotal and profound moments. These men are similar and wholly different at the same time. It brings up issues of race, family, relationships, environment, and compassion. I was riveted to the story by the end of the book and shocked by its conclusion. It was a great read, one that provoked me to further thought for days afterwards.

Grade: A-

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