Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day

This is something we are saying a lot around here as we are REALLY enjoying SPRING!! It's so great to be here to witness this beautiful season as we missed most of it last year (well we were here at the end of it in October, but that month is a little hazy in our memories....). The flowers are blooming, the whales are swimming off the coastal shores (for real!), and the weather is warming up (VERY slowly). On Saturday we decided to take advantage of the day and take a hike as a family, when three of our Ocean View girls stopped in as we were leaving, and so we invited them along! Surely the had no idea what they were in for, and they whined a bit as we climbed up a nearby mountain overlooking the ocean, but the view and sounds (and lack thereof) at the top were too breathtaking not to enjoy! The had so much pride in accomplishing an hour and fifteen minute hike and loved our ice cream reward (okay, so we wanted the ice cream too). Kieren just babbled the whole way as Casey carried her in the backpack and it was a perfect view to see the many whales swimming below. It's hard to see actually how big they really are, but you can tell they are HUGE and beautiful. It's quite a site! What a gift to have such a special afternoon as a family and with our girls! Other than that, this weekend we rested and lounged around the house and have various get-togethers with friends. Sunday's sermon went great at Ocean View Methodist and Hillsong had a worship night Sunday night featuring a GREAT band from the UK. Pictures, notes, and other details will follow today. We are finishing up a morning workout at the gym (I take advantage of their Internet) and then look forward to a busy week. Casey has a lot to do with Ubuntu, checking up with coaches and schools, and working on the many details for the festival they will host at the end of September. I have many little things and meetings, but a main goal this week to plan a VACATION weekend for Casey and I in the next month of so! I will happen!

Lots of love, and hope you also had beautiful days this weekend!


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