Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not today...

We will not be eating queso at Los Tres today. :( Our flight from Amsterdam to Detroit was postponed about 22 hours, so we are in Amsterdam for the night. They put us in a decent hotel and we had a great nap b/c we didn't sleep much at all on the plane. Kieren couldn't (wouldn't) sleep, so you know what that means. She's also been sick with a cold so please pray for her. She threw up about 5 times on that flight! (Yikes).
The silver lining in all of this is that now we are in Holland during their game against Uruguay tonight! We are going to take the train into the city to watch in the fan park. So, it will end up being a great experience!
We catch our flight early in the morning and hopefully arrive in Raleigh even earlier than before. See you then, and please pray for Kieren.
P.S. Turns out Andy was on a different Detroit flight than us, so he left about 2 hours after our flight, so he's on his way. Can you believe he abandoned us?!?! :)


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Amy said...

PLEASE tell Sarah to keep her eyes open for the "Pink Pantster." She'll know what I mean. :)