Monday, July 5, 2010

It's Time

Can't believe it, but the day has come, and we fly out tonight for our 8-week visit to the United States! How can it be that almost 9 months has passed in our first year living in South Africa?? When we came here, Kieren was only 8 months old, and couldn't even crawl or walk yet! She broke her first tooth ON THE PLANE on the way here, and this morning she smiled her toothy grin revealing her growing collection of chompers. We leave this place with a bittersweet sentiment in our hearts. We are VERY excited to be in Raleigh (and beyond) and see our amazing family and friends. Everyone gets to 'meet' our cool Kier Kiers again and get to know what a great little girl she is growing up to be! There is lots of ministry ahead as we share what God has taught us during our time here, and we look forward to every bit of it. And DON'T even get me started about the FOOD we get to eat and T.A.R.G.E.T. Come on. However, now that we are on the doorstep of this trip, we are already sad to leave our new home for so long. We will miss the kids who come to our house EVERY day and hang out and love on Kieren. Kieren said her FIRST real NAME this weekend - one of the kids who is named Nazeem has the nickname 'Kaka' after the Brazil soccer star and Kieren said 'Kaka' to him this weekend! AMAZING! I mean her first name is one of the boys that we love here and is coming to know Jesus more and more! I am going to miss my women's group, and Granny, and Danielle, and my friends, and the churches, and just THE VIEW. We love this place, and it truly is HOME to us now. So we have many emotions as we finish our packing and make our way to the airport today, but I know as soon as I see the faces of the people I love I my heart will be warmed once again! We can't wait!!

See you SOON!

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