Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well there is always a silver lining for us, and it took me oh... one SECOND to be pumped about spending the day and night in Amsterdam to watch the World Cup game with my Dutch friends. After we saw the Netherlands beat Cameroon live in Cape Town and fell in love with the PASSIONATE Dutch fans, we are cheering them on for sure! It was fun to watch the game here and celebrate a win with them! We will be honest though, we decided to be 'good' parents and not stay out TOO late for Kieren's sick sake. It FINALLY got dark here at like 10pm (SUMMER!!) and we were out too late still, but we watched the final minutes of the game from our hotel room and Kieren finally got to drift off to sleep in her hotel crib. Poor sweet Kieren! She has a bad chest chold and lots of phlem (yes, a running theme in the Prince household) but decided to kick off the first flight, right before take-off by throwing up all over herself and me. Awesome. Nothing like the smell of vomit and honey-mustard chips to make you excited about a 10 hour flight. Ummm, yes, so NOT so good parents feeding her chips at 10pm, but WHATEVER. So over this LONG day she has yacked like 7 times or something, and only missed me a couple times. We have cleaned her up, cleaned our precious 'lovie,' bought her and myself some non-vomit purfumed clothes and we are ready for some more flying tomorrow! Pray for her as the pressure was really bothering her and causing pain, and obviously an upset tummy is not fun (for ANYONE on the plane). So another blessing was to have a break between the flights and a good nights sleep for ALL of us before we try again tomorrow. KLM airlines has put us up in a great hotel, fed us dinner, given us toothpaste and cleaning stuff, and we are refreshed and ready.

So see you all SOON! And please love us even if we smell like pukies....

Lots of love,

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