Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello everyone!

We had a memorable weekend here in South Africa - don't you wish you were here with us!! Some of our friends DID and ARE here - what a treat. Most of you know that we are hosting FOUR college students here in Ocean View to work with Ubuntu Sports Outreach ( and so they have been loving their time in the View and seeing some great World Cup games. Casey met three of our great friends, Matt, Dave, and Josh Edwards in Rustenburg for the US/England game on Saturday and now they are here in Cape Town with us for almost two weeks to see more games and help host an Ubuntu holiday club for our soccer boys. ALSO, we have another friend (former youth-group kid), Graham Wales who is in Cape Town this week to hang in the View! Whew! Honestly, it is such a privilege to host these people that we love, share our lives with them, and just enjoy a special time in South Africa's history!

This morning as I drove Kieren to the hospital for her doctor appointment (burn is STILL not healed on chest, an open wound, but are still saying they will not do skin grafts), I was listening to the radio and the ONLY thing anyone can talk about is the incredible experience this world cup is here and how it's brought this country together in a historical way! You can FEEL the energy, excitement, and pride for South Africa. We are enjoying it!

Kieren and I had a great weekend together as Casey cheered on our American team in Rustenburg. I had a girls night with some friends on Saturday night, and watched more of the games. Then Sunday, Kieren and I went to Ocean View Methodist and then into Cape Town to Hillsong (with two of the sweet high school girls of Ocean View, Stacy and Marizon)and had a great time once again at my church. The girls had their first Frappachino at the NEW Starbuck's - the coffee giant just got here in SA!

Because I was able to share with the leaders of Hillsong on Thursday night about Kieren's healing, many of them came up to me at church on Saturday to express their prayers for her - what a gift! In the evening, Kieren and I went to a friends' house for a big 'braai' (cook-out) to celebrate two couples that are friends who are having baby girls next month. Kieren was sleepy and fussy, not not the BEST example of how fun motherhood can be, but we loved hanging out with our good friends. Overall a fun weekend for the Prince family, although we prefer to watch the games with Casey! Lots of fun ahead with our friends visiting and we will keep you updated.

Lots of love,

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