Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup With OUR People!

Today was such a fun day and it all led up to the World Cup kick-off soccer game of South Africa (called 'Bafana Bafana' which is an African term for 'the boys') versus Mexico. Some knowing I am 50% Mexican, have been asking me if I am torn between the two teams of the match. As much as I love my family heritage, there is no doubt that the Prince family is 100% South African today! There were many opportunities and groups watching the game today, but we were invited to watch it with a group of people at the American Embassy with the US Consulate General. It's one of the those opportunities you don't pass up, and we knew some friends would be there, so we planned on going, but as the game time grew nearer I knew that I just wanted to be in Ocean View with my PEOPLE watching the game. We left the Embassy at half-time and sped home to watch the game at a big-screen viewing at Ocean View Baptist Church. The room was already buzzing with excitement and roaring with the hoot of vuvuzelas, but minutes after we arrived, South Africa scored the first goal! The place went crazy and I immediately got out my camera to capture the special moment! It was PERFECT! Even though SA tied the game 1-1 with Mexico, this country is so proud of its 'boys' and the great fight they gave against a great Mexico team. But that goal scoring moment is one that will ring in my memory for years!

The Vuvuzela Choir who sang the ENTIRE game - you couldn't even hear the sound or commentary!

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