Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging In

Hello everyone,

Well the night is getting later and I'm heading to bed early in case Kieren decides to wake up in the middle of the night for a bit per her usual routine of late. We have had another difficult night with Kieren last night and both got very little sleep. I took her to the doctor again today (a different one) and she said that it is bronchitis, and a very bad case with a lot of phlegm in her lungs. She recommended going to a Physio to help work out the mucus but then we decided together it would just be too traumatic to have Kieren endure more doctors. She is still SO scared of any doctors. We will have to go AGAIN to see another doctor tomorrow because she is now vomiting her antibiotic whenever we try to give it to her. I think it's just really gross and the drama meter is on high-alert. So she didn't nap much today but went down hard tonight and must have been tired from a difficult day where she obviously felt very bad all day! There was some fever, lots of coughing, and even more throwing up. So we are just trying to get through the days, and now on near exhaustion. It's pretty hard. We continue to cling to God although our adrenaline and enthusiasm are both at a low. But even in a day like this a couple things stand out. One is that Kieren even on a horrible day has some fun moments of laughter and playing, and I love every second of it. She is just such a special person with a light inside her. Second, there is NO ONE that I would more want to be this miserable with than Casey :) Seriously, this is not fun days, but Casey and I are making the best of it together and really working as a team. He is so wonderful, gracious, and sacrificial and the best Dad ever. I am blessed, even on the worst of day.

Prayers for Kieren's bronchitis and that she would be able to sleep and slowly heal. Prayers for me, because I seem to have the same bug, which is bringing down the fun meter a bit more. Third, BIG prayers for our two sessions of light therapy tomorrow as they are our last before our big doctor appointment on Wednesday where they will decide if Kieren needs a skin graft. We are DEFINITELY seeing improvement, but still a spot that is not healing! PRAY friends and family!

Thanks for walking this LONG journey with us - we will all get there together!

Lots of love,


The Ward Family said...

Girl, ya'll are being put through the ringer!!!! I think of you often and pray for your family. Satan is trying to attack all the good work you guys are doing... I keep thinking about "The Screwtape Letters" and how Satan is trying to distract you and get you where it hurts the most. Keep clinging to God and know that HE is in control. I pray that you will be blessed with peace and rest.

Anonymous said...

love you so much, sari. i am so so sorry that you're having to walk this path right now. maybe the lord has you sick as well so that you'll have no choice but to slow down and just hang. try to keep perspective...He only requires our best for each day, and that changes daily.

Amy said...

Love you guys!!