Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sun Came Out

Every morning I get the weather forecast sent to me on my phone (I love it because I love knowing the weather!) and this morning when I got up the forecast was a high of 57 degrees and raining. Ummm GROSS. BUT, somehow they were wrong and the sun is shining through the clouds and confounding what has been predicted. I feel like that is our spirits today, it looked as if it would be dreadful again, but the sun is shining through. I unfortunately woke up feeling REALLY sick with my bronchitis and could barely get out of bed. I am on the couch now, still feeling really awful, but for some reason I am encouraged and hopeful. I did make it out to take Kieren to light therapy today and her burns are looking better - not completely scabbed over - but CLOSE. Very encouraging. Tomorrow is the day we go to the hospital and the doctor decides if she needs a skin graft - and with her burns still not healed it might be the case. But I have this supernatural hope today that there is going to be a miracle and she won't need it. I really do. So we are praying hard-core and please join us! Casey has been discouraged as well the past couple days, but hit the ground running (once he could get out the door because I was of no help with Kieren!) and has had many good meetings with schools so far today as he sets up the plans for the Ubuntu clinics happening soon. He too is encouraged and we both know it's going to be a great day!

We definitely want to say THANKS for all your mighty prayers for Kieren last night because she slept sound ALL NIGHT - not a peep or cough! She slept 11 hours straight and woke up happy and chattering. WOW! I know it's prayer - thanks for being a part of the miracle of the day!

God is on the move - can't wait to share what He does next!

Lots of love,

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