Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Kieren Update

Today's update is pretty good. Kieren had a pretty good night. Sarah was here with her and I slept at the Torrance's. Kieren slept for most of the night except for a few nebulizer treatments. She also is starting to drink a bottle again, which is making her fart and poop. Of course I'm proud of her for that. They took the catheter out and aren't making her take oxygen anymore.
Her color in her face is already better, at least the part you can see. When she is awake now she doesn't cry nearly as hard as when we first got there. It's more a whimpering and whining now. Her real problem now is that she is off the morphine and they are reducing her other pain meds, so she just has to battle through her discomfort more. Obviously that's not easy to watch.
We've continued to have amazing visitors. Last night our friends Laural, Kate, and Mark brought us dinner. Evan and Kerryn were back. And some of our OV Methodist friends came to visit (the James family plus Melda). That is so sweet because it's such a long journey for them. Stacy James is almost 16 and recently started babysitting Kieren some. She didn't like seeing her like this! So sweet.
This morning our neighbor Heidi visited. Then Chantel Douglas, the Children's Minister from Hillsong came to visit bearing a gift of books for Kieren. Mike Massingham was having a meeting at the hospital so he brought us some really awesome food (seriously Meg, that sandwich was SO good). Then, Chantel Norman and Rachel Correl, two other Hillsong Staff came to visit. We have honestly made the nurses so frustrated with all of our visitors. They don't come at the right times, there are too many of them, and they stay too long!! I love it!! I think we should make a deal that they will visit other families, too, if they will let us keep having them! And Chantel can sing for everybody since she's the Worship Pastor. One of the nurses actually asked me if I had Hillsongs on my computer and I was like, "Yes, but that woman you just kicked out could sing them for you since she's the Worship Pastor at Hillsong." She seemed to wish that she had let them stay.
Another amazing thing is that Mike Massingham got a local B&B to let us stay for free for a few nights. It's only 2 kms (that's like a 1.25 miles) away so we can be there, in and out, often. Such a blessing!
Again, we are humbled and amazed that God puts people like this around us. I just don't understand. Why is it that we are allowed to have so many people that will love, care, and walk through this with us? God is so gracious to us. He knows that we need these people, and they are responding.
To our friends back in the States, we know that you wish you could be doing those same things for us, but you are joining us on this road as you offer prayers for each of us. Please keep praying! Pray for Kieren's pain and comfort as they reduce her pain meds. Pray for Sarah's heart as she struggles to rest and deal with all of this. She just hates seeing Kieren in this much pain. For me, pray that I will love Sarah well. Push her into decisions, gently, and continue to affirm her verbally. And pray that we will continue to get, and take, opportunities to speak the truth of Jesus into this ward.



Blake said...

Casey - your words are soothing to the ear (i.e. fart and poop). Seriously thank you for being so transparent in your thoughts and words. It is amazing to see how God is blessing your family and giving you more than you could ever expect. Your family is in our prayers and we are glad to see that God is working in your lives more than just one way. God bless you guys.

Melanie said...

As soon as I heard the news about your sweet baby girl, I googled you guys to find your blog. I had to keep up with her progress and know how to pray for you guys. So glad you're feeling and seeing the prayers. They'll continue to be lifted.
- melanie dill