Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Weapon Formed Will Prosper

Hello from Kieren's mom here,

I am writing this blog with my computer using Kieren's hospital bed for a desk. I just like being around her, and it seems like she does these hard moments too. If Casey has five brain cells then I have like 2 and they are fighting for the caffeine racing through my body. Not sure if any of this will make sense, but had a longing to share. There is obviously no way to share my emotions at this point, but I can say that I have reached the lowest lows of my life in the past two days and also never personally witnessed God's strength and power in such mighty ways. We feel a peace that passes all understanding, believe and see that NO weapon formed against us will prosper, and if Christ is for us, NO ONE or NO THING can be against us. Nothing ever separates us from God's love. People have made comments about us speaking about God, and want to assure we are not trying to put on a Christian 'show' for you to pretend that everything is okay. Everything is definitely NOT okay, but everything has never been more together in our lives. Christ is knitting together a story in our lives that we never imagined, but He will be glorified and we feel privileged to be a part of this chapter. I have never endured anything as terrifying and heartbreaking as seeing my precious baby writhe and scream in pain for hours, but in the quiet sleep moments my heart is secure in the plans that God still has for our lives. She gets better by the hour and day and will continue to recover to be even more beautiful and full of joy then before, I have absolutely no doubt. I have total peace and confidence in God, and I mean that in all truth. However, if you know me you know I am a deep FEELER and embrace my emotions, so there has been some dark times of sadness in this hospital. I cry, and grieve, and sigh, and wish for the days before this nightmare. But after my grief I take a deep breath and move on. Rinse and repeat. People have been overwhelming in loving and supporting us and the BEST thing you do is to pray for us and then to encourage or send scriptures. We are humbled (that word seems SO trite) at the love poured out, and it could only be from the author of love, our God. THANK YOU. We can do ANYTHING through Christ, but we wouldn't want to do it without you.

You know I love a good story, and God has got us in the middle of the story of our lives. We are telling it, and telling of His greatness and faithfulness. We can't wait to see each step unfold and see His mighty hand and LOVE. We know our God deeper and more profoundly through this. We would never ask for this to be our lives, but we can honestly say we would never take it back. God is too real and too good. He is TRUE and alive.

Love you all - keep the prayers coming! Our God is hearing them and loving our faith!



The Ward Family said...

I have tears pouring down my face-beautiful blog entry. You are on my mind and in my heart and I am praying for you guys so much! Nothing is worse than seeing your child hurt, and I feel for you guys so, so much. But God is good...He is working through this situation. Please keep us updated and know you are prayed for all around the world!

Carolina said...

I don't even have words for this. Thank you Jesus for being who you much more than we need and deserve.