Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Bible Study has Started

A few weeks ago we told you about us taking Reagan, Kyle, and Kaka with us to Hillsong one morning where they all raised their hand during the invitation time. I had a desire to start studying the Bible together. Finally this week we started. We are reading the book of John out of their new Bibles from Hillsong. On Wednesday we read the first 9 verses of chapter 1. So we learned two new names for Jesus (Word & Light), about John the Baptist, the basics of the Trinity, the names of the gospels, and a bunch of other stuff. They are so eager to keep learning that we met again on Friday. We again read 9 more verses. This time we had to explain the law of Moses and what it takes to become a 'child of God.' We do a lot of repetition and quizzing to make sure that they are really comprehending what we are talking about. We are only doing small chunks each time so that we don't get too much confusing them.
The other kids are already wanting to join in. Sarah's girls are eager to learn also so she is going to start meeting with them. I trust that kids are hungry for truth and to learn. I'm not sure that at Living Hope's Kids Club they really study the Bible much. They are sharing stories about Jesus, but not really reading the Bible together. I think at most Sunday Schools it's the same thing. So I'm excited to see how this might expand over the next couple of weeks. We will slowly work our way through John and see what happens. Please join us in praying that as we read the Word of God that their lives will be molded. And if you know of any really good Bible Study resources for Middle School aged kids let me know. Not fancy stuff like I would have used before, but outlines and things that they can be writing the answers into.


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