Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting to Know the Family

Yesterday was a random day, Casey and I were both home a bit, out and it, but working on various things on our computers. It was beautiful and I decided I needed a change of scenery to work on some 'talks' for the summer. I went to a local town called Muizenburg and worked at a bakery/coffee shop while I looked out at the ocean. I know, it's pretty lovely. After getting some work done, I went to visit my Congolese friends Antoine and Mathy at the township where they lived called Capricorn. It's a pretty down and hectic place, but they are always so warm and joyful. They have very hard lives, as xenophobia (fear of other races and cultures) is happening a lot in their township these days, and being refugees makes you the bottom rung. But they have big visions of going back to the Congo and starting an NGO there that helps people with AIDS. They are inspiring people and I love seeing them.

On my drive home I began thinking about the kids that would inevitably be filling the lawn and house when I arrived. We continue spending more time with them and are seeing some cool relationships form. Mostly the boys are always hanging around, but lately I have gotten a little 'posse' of girls that I hang out with and talk to. Last weekend when I went to Casey's soccer game I took the girls with me since the boys always go to the fields with Casey! We are having a great time and Kieren loves to see them and play with them. They are very attentive to her, carry her around, and laugh and play with her. They are sweet girls, and two of them are sisters of Regan (the one who wrote me the sweet note last week). My girls have also been writing me some sweet notes and coming over daily to hang and talk. Yesterday I decided it was time to go and meet their mother and find out who was behind these great kids I love. I went to the 'flats' to the house where Regan, Megan, and Jadine live. It made me realize that I had never visited these flats (low-income housing) right across the street! Jackie was hanging in her little apartment and was happy to meet me, which is always such a humbling thing! What I loved most about visiting their home, was to see on the walls numerous certificates and medals awarded to these great kids. Their parents are so proud and we talked about how their lives are devoted to them and their success. She didn't go into detail, but you could tell that she had a 'rough' life before, and she didn't matrick (graduate high school), but now has her life on track and focused. I have so much admiration for Jackie and the kids, dad (they are still married after all these years) and the kids they have raised in this difficult environment. These are truly special children and I can't wait to see how God continues to work in their lives.

Lots of love,

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