Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book Review: Your Money Counts

The book I just finished comes, how should I say, ‘more than recommended’ by my friend Lyston Peebles. He almost forced me to read it. First of all, he gave me the book, then he came all the way to South Africa to make sure I read it. The second part isn’t totally true, but when he was here recently he did harass me a bit to make sure I was going to read it. So, I did. It’s called “Your Money Counts” by Howard Dayton. Howard helped start Crown Financial Ministries with Larry Burkett (Lyston was in on that, also, that’s why he ‘sells’ this book so hard).

This book is a really practical and Biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving, and getting out of debt. It’s easy to understand and apply, especially if you joined a Crown Bible study. We have always been pretty good with money. We have never made much as two full-time church workers, but we have never had any debt other than our mortgage. And we made tithing an uncompromised staple of our life early in our marriage. So, the book was actually pretty affirming of how we have led our financial lives up to this point. But it also challenged me in some areas. How do we continue to live with absolute honesty in our finances? How do we save and invest now that we are TOTALLY reliant on the generosity of others as missionaries? And how do we teach principles like this that are geared to people making normal American money in a context that is so different here in South Africa? (Obviously, Biblical principles are the same everywhere, but there is a difference when people here are worried about getting food on the table and our friends at home are wondering if it’s time to upgrade their ipod.)
So, I’m thankful that Lyston made me read this. It’s encouraged and affirmed me, but also given me ideas for our new lives here. I even know whom I’m giving this book to next!
Overall Grade: B+


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