Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Life of Kieren

Hello friends and family!

Thought I would share a quick Kieren update! Kiers is doing great these days - she is 'growing by the day' as her Granny Jacoba tells us all the time. She is very healthy and up to date on all her immunizations. Granny INSISTS on taking her to the free clinic here in Ocean View to get her shots and takes her and waits about two hours for the nurse to see her there. The report is always good though; Jacoba says Kieren loves playing with all the other waiting babies and the women all talk about the pretty white baby with beautiful clothes. We did take Kieren to a private doctor (the same one I see) last week just to get her checked out and make sure all the shots are indeed up to date - which they were! Casey and I take turns on worrying about her still gigantic belly and so we also checked that out and everything there is also fine. Kieren is on a monthly de-worming regimen because they think she might have had a bad infestation, but all seems well. Kieren is a good eater, although a bit picky, and has a mix of healthy foods. However, daily she will open our food cupboard and pull out chips, crackers, candy, or cookies and bring them to us to share. We try to limit these foods - but we also can't help ourselves!

Kieren is walking fast these days and even prefers to walk mostly rather than be carried around. Truly a 'toddler' these days. She continues to work on her soccer ball kick, and it's even a running kick now. Her love of the game only is a problem when she toddles onto the soccer field where the boys are playing. She loves her 'boys' still and even says a few of their names, mimicking us after we call out to them. But her favorite boy is her daddy, of course, and then our Ubuntu intern, Andy Chenlo. She is going to be SO SAD not to have him here with us when he goes back to the States! We are hearing more words daily, usually coming as she mimics what we say to her. She loves to babble and it seems she is very confident of what she is telling us even if we don't understand. This girl is going to have a lot to say!

The best thing about Kieren is her JOY and happiness that she spreads all over. Kieren loves to laugh and smile and does both all the time. She is very silly and fun and has a big personality - where does she get that?? We are loving this little person and can't wait to share her with many of you when we are back in the States in July and August. Get ready for a fun time!

Lots of love,

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