Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello friends and family!

Here with my usual Monday morning update. This was a great one - the weather was picture perfect and we made sure to enjoy it all. We rested a bit more than planned this weekend because Kieren was sick with a bad cold (which turned into bronchitis - got medicine after a quick doctor visit this morning!). I always enjoy a weekend of laying low, but there were some great highlights. On Saturday night we had our Ocean View friends over for dinner, Nathan and Mandy Ponti and their two-year-old daughter, Zephanie. Zephanie is a shy girl, but she opened up so much during our play time and LOVED Kieren's ball pit in her room. Nathan works for Living Hope and they are a special family, going to work this summer in the States at a Christian camp. We are very excited for the opportunity and what God will do through them! Afterwards we went to a concert hosted by the Kingdom Covenant Ministries, which is a new church starting up; we are friends with the pastor and some of the leaders. The Methodist women were invited to sing, but I had no idea what a BIG party the event would be! It was a packed auditorium and people were dancing and singing and having a great time! One more reason we LOVE Ocean View - they know how to have a good time!

Sunday morning Casey went to Ocean View Methodist and Hillsong in the morning while I slept through a migraine. In the late afternoon we took Granny, Andy, and four of our boys to Capricorn for another church service. Casey has a new church partnership with Sharon Assemblies of God in Capricorn, a coloured township that we love to visit and work in. Casey was invited to share about Ubuntu Sports Outreach and I was asked (Friday!) to preach. The church was very warm and inviting, and were a great congregation of young and old. They also loved to dance so we had a great time! Casey did wonderful sharing his vision and many men expressed interest in partnering afterwards! The school they will partner with is one they have already been doing outreach in! It is surely a divine connection. Preaching was a gift for me as this group of believers were very excited to hear from God's word. We ended the night with a McDonald's dinner together!

One of the most special parts of the night was a surprise for all of us. As we were leaving McDonalds, I was walking next to Granny Jacoba and Andy was holding Kieren right behind us. As Jacoba and I were talking, she suddenly slipped on the ground and fell on her backside! It was so scary to see and we all quickly came to her side. The surprise was that Kieren looked at her fall in horror and immediately began to scream and cry! Granny was fine, and we helped her to her feet. Obviously we HATED seeing our beloved Granny falling, but it was this unintentional moment where Kieren showed us her deep love for her Granny with her frightened cries. Casey and I reflected on it later in the night, so thankful for Kieren's bond with this great woman who loves us so well.

Looking ahead to a VERY busy week with much on our plates! Prayers please for time management and good health for us with all God has for us!

Lots of love,

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