Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some R&R

Hello friends and family!

We have been a bit slow on our blog updates this week because we are out of town trying to rest a bit! Casey was asked to help coach at a soccer camp for disadvantaged kids in a town called Stanford here in SA. We were REALLY excited about this time of volunteering when we learned that we got to stay at a beautiful farm turned into resort! Turns out we have a gorgeous luxury room overlooking a river and mountain range! It is ridiculous! Casey has been helping a team of people, mostly from the United States, who are here to help coach the kids. The first day over 300 kids showed up from a local township and they were overwhelmed with all the chaos, but some rain today slowed the camp down to about 200 kids and it was a huge success. While we can only stay until Wednesday afternoon, they will have the camp through Friday. It's been fun to meet some new people from the States, get to know this incredible (American) family who owns the resort and is hosting us all, and just have some time away from the View! It's beautiful here, and Kieren and I have enjoyed some great times just relaxing and listening to the birds chirping all around. Her favorite part of the room is the huge jacuzzi bath tub that she swims and plays around in. She gets SO upset every time we take her out of it!

Prayers for Kieren this week, she has been sick with a stomach bug and now cough, but we have learned today by seeing a nurse that it is probably WORMS. Yuck. It's VERY, very common in the townships, but usually doesn't happen to kids as young as her. Kieren is special in every way :) We got some meds and pray she is back on track soon - but today she is really hurting and can't sleep! Prayers for her (umm, yeah, and us...).

Lots of love,

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