Thursday, April 1, 2010

Back in the Crazy View....

Whew! Is it time for another 'holiday' (what they call vacation) again? It's our first day back in Ocean View today, and honestly I really did miss this place! It's been a busy day here of catching up and seeing people. The day started with Jacoba taking Kieren to the clinic early to check her out and make sure that big belly was okay. All is good, the doctor recommended de-worming meds (which she was already taking) and then did some immunization shots. They said the reason for her irritability, 'runny' tummy, and pain and fever is 'teething.' Can I just take a moment to say something?? Here in Ocean View, there are always two reasons for any sickness. If a baby is sick they are always said to be 'teething' and if anyone else is sick it's because of the 'weather.' What?? So I have decided I must also be teething because my body was hurting today! So yeah. Anyways, Jacoba helped with a cranky Kieren while Casey worked and had meetings and I still rested and was feeling bad - I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be on the mend!! This afternoon the kids started to come around as they are on Easter holiday (for two weeks) and played soccer outside, hung with Kieren, and came in the house to watch a soccer game on the tv. This evening Casey went to soccer practice, Kieren went to the airport with our neighbors the Kallis family because their daughter Jamie is coming home from basic training tonight (Jamie LOVES Kieren and the feeling is mutual!). So I'm resting at home working on a few things and watching some silly tv. Honestly, I feel tired from the day - people stopping by and calling and checking in - but I feel so blessed to have this life full of some many people I love. Looking forward to a beautiful Easter weekend with friends!

Oh, and Kieren finishes her 'worm' medicine today, and I think it's working because her belly is getting SMALLER. I mean, it's not gone, don't worry, but there is a shrinkage happening. Of course I am happy for her, I mean I don't think she loved being a living worm farm, but still it was so cute! The nurse we saw this week about the medicine was talking to me, "yeah, when I first saw her I thought, wow that belly is big and the rest of her is so skinny. Well... she's not skinny or anything, but you know, not THAT big." Love it.

Lots of love,

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