Thursday, March 25, 2010

She's Growing Up!

Lately we have been having some moments with Kieren where we just realize she is growing up! Crazy! On Saturday we tried to 'dress her up' for the Women's Rally and put on this beautiful African dress that my parents bought her when they visited. It was funny because she is such a tomboy already that she tried to rip it off and eventually just melted down until we took it off! But before the fireworks we got some cute shots! The sweetest part was that I (Sarah) dressed her and then took her in the bathroom the show Casey, and he almost got teary about it! He said she is getting so old and that he can see her getting ready for dates and stuff and it broke his heart already! SO SWEET!



Amy said...

so cute. :)

Kerry said...

i want a dress that matches Kieren's! Love it! she does look so grown up!

Blair said...

This picture makes me melt!