Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dominate the Day

This morning as we prepared for the the day ahead and talked about all that was going on Sarah said to me, "Dominate the Day!" It was appropriate because I had a lot going on and needed to have a bit of 'success' with all of it. Well, being the obedient man that I am, I did what I was told!
We had an important meeting at Capricorn Primary School at 11:30. I've been trying to get into this school for a while, so I was really excited to finally have the opportunity. I had a great meeting with several teachers that are involved with sports and they seemed VERY excited to have us involved. It's a new school, only 3 years old, and they have a pretty nice facility (considering the other places I've been). I was really pumped about a great meeting.
Then, we headed over to Christian David Primary School where we were doing a clinic to introduce us, and the ministry, to the kids there at the school. Principal Erasmus is a great man that makes me laugh a lot. He had preselected 25 6th grade boys to be part of the clinic. So, as the school day ended we grabbed the boys and had a good hour-long clinic with them. They were hoping we would be there again tomorrow, but we told them that they would be having a coach coming to work with them in a few weeks time. (Now we have to find the church to fill that need!)
Next we went back to Capricorn to meet with a young man named Grayson who attends Capricorn Baptist Church. We are hoping that CBC will be the church partner for Capricorn Primary and Grayson has been given the freedom by his pastor to lead their sports ministry initiatives. We had a great meeting at the local McDonald's (the fries taste the same all over the world) and I feel confident that they will become a church partner.
We finished the day with a marriage course we are doing with 3 other couples. Sarah cooked an amazing tortilla casserole and we had great conversation as a couple as week to continue growing our partnership.
So, the day was dominated, but I didn't tell you what the most random part of the day was yet. So, as I walked out of Capricorn Primary, ready to leave our meeting, we noticed a group of people were gathering across the street at a community center. As we continued investigating we noticed that they were gathering because, sure enough, there was Sir Elton John. I'm serious, in the flesh, in a township in Cape Town!! He is here playing shows this week, and apparently had some involvement in the building of that community center. So, not only did all of that other stuff happen today, but I also saw Elton John!
How can you dominate your day tomorrow? Seriously, go do it!


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