Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving Along...

Hey friends and family,

Just a quick update from our Friday morning. We are sitting at the 'Mug and Bean' in the mall getting on our internet (will still be a few weeks until we have it at our house). It's turned out to be a week of some great progress on getting our lives settled here. We both have cell phones, we have most of the furniture we need for the house, and I even learned to drive stick shift! Most cars here are stick so it was time to learn, and we only had a few crazy moments where I stalled the car a few (or ten) times as people waited behind. I had a first meeting with my supervisor, Avril, at Living Hope Community Center about my work with the support groups. Avril would like to work with all the group leaders but specifically begin a program for mothers with HIV. For these moms, if they take certain drugs during their pregnancy and then when feeding their babies either solely breastfeed or solely use formula, the HIV rate is SIGNIFICANTLY low. It's just a matter of education and empowering these women to care for their children. So I will be praying through this opportunity in the next couple weeks and begin working on this project in November. It sounds like a great opportunity and something wonderful as I am also a new mom. My prayers about it are to be cautious and make sure I don't take on too much as I will also be working with the church.

Our time in our new home has been great so far. We are feeling more and more settled and love the new space. It is VERY cold at night but we are working on it with heaters and new blankets. We feel safe and are slowly meeting some neighbors and people at the church.

Prayers for me, I Have been having some bad migraine headaches this week. I think it is a mix of some sinus pressure as the weather changes drastically each day, but also just the stress I put on myself in this new place. So pray that I would be at peace but that my body could also be relaxed and healthy.

We are looking forward to a beautiful Cape Town weekend. We hope to hang out with some friends, Casey is going to a rugby game on Saturday, and we are going to try out a new Hillsong church on Sunday. And I hope to get some walks in to enjoy this beautiful city!

Lots of love,

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