Thursday, October 15, 2009

Really Fun Moment

I had a really fun moment this morning (Wednesday). There is a gate that closes off the church property. We try to close it each night just to discourage people from visiting the yard. At 8am this morning I was on my way out to open the gate, when I noticed two girls walking towards the high school, which is probably closer to our house now then Millbrook was from our house at home. They started walking slower and sort of staring at me.
Now, let’s stop right there and get something clear. We’ve been getting a lot of that lately. People still aren’t sure what to think about us being here in “The View”. So, we are getting pretty used to the staring.
Back to my story. So, these girls were walking slowly and looking at me, when I realized that they were two of the girls from Red Hillthat I had spent lots of time with last time we were here. I had been tasked to train them, and a few of their friends, to be leaders for the Red Hill Holiday Club (basically, Easter time VBS). When I realized that’s who they were I pointed at them, anything to make it awkward! Then, I went to them on the street, embraced, explained that we were living there, and invited them to visit with us someday after school. Our neighbor told us that they already came by today! (Addendum: I wrote this Wednesday night, on Thursday morning they came by at 8am before school!!)
It was really funny because they played it so cool when I tried to talk to them. They did the same thing to me last time. Acted really shy and like they didn’t really understand what I was saying. But they were clearly excited, as was I. I look forward to lots of moments like that where we see people we served before, who are really surprised to see us back.

AND, TODAY, WE WERE FINALLY ABLE TO GET THE REST OF THAT FURNITURE WE BOUGHT!! A bed, two loveseats, and some other decorations. The couple is moving on Friday (and the woman is having twins in 8 weeks) and they are busy packing up, so she just started giving us stuff!! A table and chairs, outdoor chairs, a home telephone, among others. It was awesome!


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Caroline Kirby said...

casey thats such an amazing picture of hospitality to open up your home without hesitation. i am just loving how jesus is changing that community through you guys!