Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kieren's Two Month Check-Up

Hey people!

Today Kieren had her two month check-up with her pediatrician, Dr. Goodman. It was so fun because it totally marks how much she is changing and growing. I was most looking forward to learning her weight now - which is 12 pounds 12 ounces now!! She has gained over 5 pounds in two months! We learned that she is in the 95% for her age in weight! Nice! The girl can eat! She is very healthy and everything checked out great. I am such a proud mom! The down-side of the appointment was that she had to have two different shots - boo. She had a total delayed response - at first she was looking around thinking and then just went CRAZY with screaming and crying. The little peanut has definitely been feeling a bit sick since then (which was to be expected), and so we are giving her lots of extra love tonight. But she did great!!


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