Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Surprise Ever!


This weekend I had the BEST surprise ever! In my whole life! I have a group of great friends from college, who I lived in London with when I studied abroad, and we all get together each Labor Day weekend for a reunion. We fondly call ourselves the 'Chanda's' (long and silly story...). So I thought this past year was my last since we will be moving to South Africa. One of the friends, Shanel, emailed me a few weeks ago to say she wanted to buy us dinner from Florida and have it delivered. We planned on Friday night, and I received a text at 5pm saying it would be at my house by 6pm. I was in the kitchen, getting salads ready to accompany our pizza, when a knock came at the door. I began to walk to the front door to meet the delivery guy only to see these 4 Florida college friends standing at my door with pizzas and signs saying 'SURPRISE!' I totally FREAKED out because I could never have expected anything like this! It was the BEST surprise ever! I started crying and hiding; it was just too much to take in! These friends decided to come surprise me and spend our 'Chanda' weekend early this year to see me and our beautiful daughter, Kieren. So what I thought would be a lazy weekend turned into a laughter-filled, deep-talk, junk food eating, fun FEST. It was incredible! These girls mean so much to me, and I felt loved and cared for in such a special way. As they left this morning, the word that kept coming to my mind was 'GRACE' because I feel like through our friendships and the way they love me I receive so much grace. There is no way I deserve incredible friends like this. I am so blessed! Tonight I am nostalgic, coming out of a sugar-hangover, super sleepy, and just so thankful.

I love you girls!

The 'Chanda' girls reunited right after the shocking surprise! They are Shanel, Cathleen, myself, Amy, Katie, and her daughter Layne

Amy enjoying the sweet bliss of Los Tres, our favorite Mexican restaurant. She ordered the fajita 'trough'

Shanel, Katie, Amy, Sarah, and Cathleen - all wearing our beautiful 2009 Chanda reunion shirts, created by the talented Katie

Kieren dressed up in her 'Chanda' onesie - the newest member to our group!

Layne and Kieren hanging out

Casey munching on our famous 'white trash' sugar creation

Shanel and Kieren

Our hangout for the weekend - the couches, in our pj's, covered by blankets, downing great food and drinks!


Amy said...

I love this post!! I need to write mine, and get the video in a format that you can post! :)

Emily said...

I gotta do you make the 'white trash' sugar creation?! Looks yummy!

Amy said...

Sorry for commenting again, but I was just looking at the pictures again, and...I need Los Tres right now!!!! :)

Hello from Casey and Sarah! said...

White Trash:
M&M's, chocolate chunks, pretzels, cherrios, rice checks, peanuts - all covered in white chocolate. It's kick-butt!!

AP - get me that video! Fun! And Los Tres misses all you chandas!!

Anonymous said...

great post sari! we were so happy to be able to come, and even happier that the surprise worked out. i miss you and your "world" already. :)

Jenny Sherouse Photography said...

What a great weekend surprise! I got excited/emotional for you just reading about it...I can only imagine how you felt.