Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kieren's Time with Aunt Lauren and Uncle Tre


This week was such a gift because my sister Lauren and brother-in-law Tre came to visit us! It was Lauren's second visit and Tre's first time to meet Kieren. We soaked up the beautiful week, enjoying the weather with many walks and time outside. We went to a Millbrook soccer game, and of course, to Los Tres for some queso. The best part was just being together and having lots of time to talk and be with Kieren. As my sister is 24 weeks pregnant with Kylie Grace, we even dragged them to Kieren's traumatic shot-filled pediatrician appointment. With a week filled with shots, fevers, baby-breakdowns, diapers, baby-sitting, coos, screams, and the best of all, SMILES, I think they are ready for beautiful Kylie Grace Jones! I am so blessed to have such an incredible sister and brother-in-law, that I not only enjoy and laugh with but also have so much respect and admiration for. They are incredible and are going to make wonderful parents!

Lots of love,

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