Friday, March 27, 2009

Kieren Update!

Hey everyone,

Just thought I would blog about Kieren since all of you don't have the privilege of hanging out with her everyday! She continues to grow more each day - I am serious! She can focus more and more on things and was even focused on the tv last night for a while. Oh no!!! We have also started to bring out some toys for her to grasp on and focus on - like cute links, and she really grabs and holds on! I still think she most enjoys faces and is smiling like crazy. She loves sitting in her 'bouncy' chair and pumps her arms and legs as she is playing and interacting. We are hearing more coos and screeches these days as she is learning to make sounds and 'talk' to us. She continues to stretch out her sleeping at night - on Wednesday night she slept for one six-hour stretch (and then went back down again after eating). It was awesome! Our world changes each day and so we just try to soak it all up :)

Love you all!

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