Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two Weeks Down, a Lifetime to Go...

Hello friends and family!

Well, we have reached the two-week mark with Kieren - time is flying by already! Life has certainly changed around here, and every day holds something new. We had some new challenges this past weekend, as Kieren suffered through her first colic stage with some first-class gas and stomach problems - she is definitely her daddy's girl! She has settled down now some, and is feeling better and back to her happy self (except during the late-night shift when dad has her, the the gas and 'fussy-ness' seems to come back...). We are still enjoying every moment, though the sleep-deprivation hits us hard at some moments. I know I have said this before, but how would you do this alone?? Kieren is growing a bit and her 'awake' times are more fun as she is moving and focusing on more. We continue to have many outings, and it even warmed up enough last Friday for a couple walks outside! For me, I continue to LOVE my new role as a mom! It's crazy that only two weeks ago she was still inside me and we had NO idea what we were in for! It seems like YEARS ago that I was pregnant. Life is SO much better with her on the 'outside' and a part of our world.

This week my parents are visiting all week - yeah! It's SO wonderful to share all the little moments with them, and also just SUCH a blessing to have an extra hand to help. Fun times. Continued thanks for all the calls, visits, food, and gifts - you all are amazing! We feel so loved and supported and can't thank everyone enough!

Lots of love,


Jenny Sherouse Photography said...

She looks so much bigger here...can't believe it's been 2 weeks already!

Anonymous said...

try mylicon for her tummy...it's worked for both my girls. love you!