Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Great Week!


Just finishing up another wonderful week in the Prince home. On Monday, Kieren will be 3 weeks old - the time is flying by already! This has been an especially fun week as my parents have been in visiting all week. They have been so gracious and helped in so many ways, although the best part has been just sharing in the joy of these beautiful days. They have held her, snuggled with her, talked to her, and just enjoyed the incredible moments with Kieren. For me, they have been a GIFT! Kieren seems to be feeling better as far as her colic goes - things are definitely more settled (although she still seems to have inherited a 'vibrant' stomach from her father). She is slowly showing signs of sleeping more at night and definitely is awake more during the day - which is a blast! Last night she slept for two 4-hour periods - which is a new record! Woo hoo! Life has been fun around here as we continue to share her with friends and take her on fun outings. We are blessed.

Thanks for checking in!


The Clarks said...

looks like a very happy family!!! and congrats on the 4 hour sleeps, you're very lucky, must be the incredible parenting already :)

April said...

Hi!! So glad your parents could come and share in the joy that is Kieren! Grandparents are the best. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well. My favorite story is still when Casey forgot to put a diaper on - oops! Can't wait to talk to you more!!