Monday, January 26, 2009

Best Dad Ever!

Good morning!

Just wanted to give some 'props' this morning to Casey, who is the BEST dad ever! He has been such a great partner through our first two weeks, and has made life not just survivable but wonderful in this new world with Kieren. He is constantly holding her, talking to her, kissing her, and just enjoying her. I am blessed to have a husband who is so naturally this kind of dad. He is a BIT tired and back at work these days - and all I have to do is hang out with Kieren! If you see him, give him a big hug and maybe a pinch to wake him :)



Hello from Casey and Sarah! said...

It's not true, I'm not tired, I can keep going (now imagine the scene from "Saved by the Bell" where Jesse passes out after taking the caffeine pills while trying to study.)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

I promise it gets better every day, Casey! If you think that having a new little baby girl is pretty special and can't get any better, it can! Because you will sleep again like the rest of us in the future. I promise!