Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life is Good

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to shoot off an update from Momma Prince! All is well in the Prince household. It's currently after midnight, and I'm typing while waiting to see if our daughter will go to sleep at this perfect, dark hour of night, or want to wake up and hang. We'll see! Kieren is doing great, she is healthy and happy, and we continue to soak up the moments! It was a blessing to get such a great report from the doctor on Friday - she makes me proud already! This weekend, my mom is visiting from Charlotte to help out and spend time with her granddaughter, which has been fun and SUCH a huge help. On Saturday, we went out to run errands and to walk and get out of the house, which feels great. Kieren loves to ride in the car and be out-and-about - and so do I!

I wish I could describe in words what I am thinking and feeling this first week with Kieren - but as any other parent knows, it is impossible. I am filled with love and peace, and just enjoy looking at her and talking to her. There are so many adjustments, and it can certainly be difficult and frustrating at times, but the joy surpasses it all. Life has changed forever, but it is all welcome to me.

Thank you so much for all your calls, emails, facebook posts, and visits. It has been overwhelming to me how much support and love we have, and I feel so inadequate in expressing my gratitude. Kieren has been welcomed into this world with so much love, and I do not see how we could be more blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love and for being a part of this beautiful journey with us.

Lots of love,


Amy said...

Love you, Sari and can't wait to meet Kieren!

kathy said...

Perfect song for a perfect little girl!!!