Friday, January 16, 2009

More Firsts

Yesterday it was Target. Last night it was the Carolina Hoops game. Today it was the doctor and a Youth Ministry Meeting.
She really enjoyed the game. She even stayed awake for most of it. I think she may just be the good luck charm the Heels were waiting for.

Her Doctor's Appointment was very successful. We saw the doctor (Goodman) that our friend Ivy really hoped we would and she used the word "perfect" to describe our child. Of course, we already thought that! Kieren's weight is back to her birth weight so she doesn't need to go back next week and gets to wait until one month.

Then, this afternoon several students came over for a Youth Ministry meeting. We were brainstorming about their class' mission trip. Kieren was very helpful with her ideas as the students passed her around.

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Amy said...

I love all the posts and updates!! :) Keep 'em coming!