Friday, May 9, 2008

We did it...

Today was a good day for us. Sarah had a great meeting with all the Support Group Leaders and I presented my Teen Club program to the Life Skill Educators. Both went very well.
The best part, though, was the quick farewell time they had for us at 12:30 (including cake). Some people made a few comments and it made us feel like we did what we came to do. We wanted to learn, not impose our ideas. We wanted to enter into their lives, not stay back. We wanted to serve them, not come to have some sort of special experience. I have thought we did that, but they confirmed it by what they said. They appreciated how we approached our time. One of them, Nathan, who I've learned a lot from said, "They came as missionaries, not tourists." That's exactly what we wanted to do.
It was a great day and really affirming of what we have tried to do.

Tonight I'm speaking at a Youth Groups Retreat for Ocean View Community Church. One of the LSEs, Timothy, is their Youth Director and he asked me to come. Pray for that, please.



Kevin said...

Awesome - great update... definitely glad you're seeing (just a fraction, I am sure) the true appreciation and impact you've had over there.

Alicia Collins said...

How wonderful that the creator of the program/flip charts was there to explain his vision and mission!!! I would love to meet him too! I knew you would have a "packed week" your last week there. Counting the days upon your return.
love you , Mom