Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dinner in Ocean View

This last week or so is filled with lots of get togethers as we close down this road show. We had Mexican food Tuesday night at Ryan and Ashley's. They are two American missionaries that are both from Tennessee, but met here, and got married. Mandy and Vernille joined us. Sarah made pico de gallo. It was good!

Last night though we had dinner in Ocean View with a few special families. Shagmie (one of the Life Skill Educators) organized dinner at his girlfriend Lauren's house. I took Lauren's dad Adrian, Shagmie, and Adrian's best mate Desmond to a rugby game a few weeks back. That's basically who got together. Desmond and his wife Isabelle brought their 4 sons. Adrian's wife Francis cooked an amazing meal! (Lauren and Samantha are their only daughters at home.) We laughed a lot. Adrian brought 'a word' a few different times. We argued over who is going to win the Premiership and Champions League: Manchester United or Chelsea. Of course, everybody knows Man U is going to pull the double, but Isabelle was passionately arguing against them. It was hilarious. Most of the time I just sat back and laughed. It was such fun and quite a treat for us.

Tonight it's dinner with the Massinghams, we think. Tomorrow is Flatmate Flapjack Friday. And Saturday we are going away with Evan and Kerryn to Betty's Bay.

Can't believe that we are at less than a week! Oh, and your prayers worked. If you saw the video you know that I was asking for prayers to see if the 7 Checkpoints folks would give us the curriculum I wanted and they did! Praise God! It's going to be so helpful!

Cheers for now!

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Alicia Collins said...

How wonderful that you have met and developed these wonderful friendships. Maybe someday they can come to Raleigh. Touching lives is what you do best.
love you and miss you, Mother