Thursday, April 24, 2008


“When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd
Reviewed by Sarah

There are times in life where the action in our world seems to only be happening on the inside of us, within our hearts and minds and souls; When the Heart Waits has been written for such a time. Personally, my time in South Africa has been much of an inner journey of growing and transformation and Kidd’s book has been a lamppost in many of those moments through this book. The work is an account of her own inner transformation, which she brings to life using the metaphor of a butterfly coming to life through the incubation time in a cocoon. The end goal is beauty and flight, but it takes a lengthy process of waiting and growth. For those who either find themselves in the midst of a time of waiting and growth, or would like to pursue such a time, I encourage you to pick this book up as part of your roadmap through your personal voyage. Kidd at times can be deeply emotional and considerably verbose, but still a welcomed fellow journeyer.

Overall Grade: B

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Alicia Collins said...

In my 50's I am finally feeling like a butterfly and flying!! I am happy to know you are on this journey at so young an age, which means you will be a powerful, wisdom filled butterfly by your 50's. I am smiling now.
Another book for me to read!
love you, Mom