Thursday, April 24, 2008

Flipping Some Charts

Hello everyone!

This week has been filled with many encounters with the support group leaders of Living Hope, and it has filled me with such great joy and encouragement. These humble and gifted leaders spend hours each week leading small groups of people in their communities, and these places become beacons of life, laughter, wisdom, and care. I spent an hour yesterday in a group in Capricorn, and most of the conversation was in Afrikaans which I don’t understand the least of, but it didn’t even need translating. You can easily comprehend when people are speaking deeply, sharing life, and laughing with joy together. These groups are truly life-giving, thus why it has been such a honor to teach them these past couple weeks in the curriculum on this new flip-chart curriculum. I took a couple pictures at the Capricorn training this week, and I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support these past couple weeks as I have undertook this new training. I am really excited because by my fourth training yesterday, I have become thoroughly confident with the material and it has been challenging to me as well. It is the called Lifestyle Intervention For Empowerment Program or LIFE and it is all about the deep emotional strain that can also easily aid to chronic disease and pain. It’s about helping people to see the reality of their own lives, understand their inherent value and worth, and empowering them to set goals and move forward with their lives. It is profound stuff and could truly transform the lives of people in these communities in ways that medicine and clinics never could. These support leaders have such potential in their groups and I ask that you would pray for them as they lead people through this curriculum – that people would take it in deeply and be empowered to make deep and real changes in their lives.

God is so good, and what a privilege to lead people towards their own empowerment and fulfillment! Love it!

Lots of love,

Support Group Leaders in Capricorn

Leader Maggie at her house

Maggie's CUTE doggie!

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Alicia Collins said...

Wow, Wow, Wowwwww! You have found a calling that God crafted for you even before you decided to go to South Africa!! I know you encouraged and touched the lives of these leaders and with great compassion and humor at that!! I am so very proud of you, and of Casey too.
your wowwed Mom