Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Review

As an aside, we haven't read all these books in the past week, but finally have decided to blog about what we have read here in Cape Town. We encourage you to check them all out!

"Traveling Mercies" by Anne Lamott
Reviewed by Sarah

For anyone who needs a different perspective on Christianity, or just has a ‘few screws loose’ like me and needs some solidarity, this book is a treasure. Lamott shares her life journey towards God and her true self, in this poignant and comical memoir. The reader of this manuscript will run the spectrum of emotions alongside Lamott, and certainly find many places along to way to relate and learn from her stories. Ultimately, I felt like I found a friend in this book, and was able to give myself a break from taking Christianity so seriously all the time. I am reminded by Lamott that our God is to be enjoyed, treasured, and worshipped in the midst of tears and laughter and everything in between.

Overall Grade: A

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Jenny said...

I'm a pretty big fan myself. I'm now reading Plan B by her, I think you'd like it too.