Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello friends and family,

It’s Thursday night here and thought I would send some updates on how this week went. It has been a great one, but exhausting and I have been battling a bit of sinus problems. So by the evenings, I am toast, but God is definitely at work. I was able to lead two trainings this week in communities called Oceanview and Masiphumalele for support group leaders. The support groups are organized by Living Hope and are similar to our small groups in America, but based around health needs such as HIV, chronic disease, or new mothers. These leaders are extraordinary and lead groups of people each week who are suffering and struggling through major life difficulties, and they care for them with the love of Jesus Christ. The training I was doing with them was created by the City of Cape Town, and is a flip-chart that leads group members towards seeing their true reality and taking responsibility for their own futures. It is GREAT curriculum, and it was a privilege to lead these leaders through it. We had great conversation and worked through some deep stuff. Thanks so much for your prayers – God showed up in a big way! I felt so inadequate to lead these gifted and blessed people, and recognized my need for God to speak through me – which He (of course) did! This week also included meeting with the support group of refugees from the Congo, meeting with other support group leaders, some counseling work here and there, and working with Living Hope in various and random ways. And I saw a kick-butt sunset on Wednesday night. God is so amazing and beautiful and He speaks to us in so many ways if we quiet ourselves to hear Him! I am so thankful because I am doing what I have been longing to do for so long, which is working with the last and the least. God promises are true, and yet the oppression these people suffer under is real and excruciating. We are desperate without Him, and true life satisfaction and purpose is only found in God. Casey and I are looking forward to a nice weekend to regroup and refresh with a braii (their BBQ), wine tour, worship night, and a race on Sunday morning. Don’t worry – we know we are being spoiled by God!

Love you all!!

These are all the same sunset! Beautiful!!

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Alicia Collins said...

I can not believe the beauty you are seeing. I know these pictures do not do justice to the real scene!! You have been obedient to God during the week, trusting Him to work through you as a group leader. And look how He rewards you, what a sunset!!!
Love you so much, Mom