Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Book Review

"Long Way Down" by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
Reviewed by Casey

It feels like I lost two friends yesterday. I finished a fantastic adventure with Ewan McGregor (of Star Wars fame) and Charley Boorman. They wrote an awesome book about their adventure riding their motorcycles from the northern tip of Scotland to Cape Town. I was, obviously, first intrigued by their destination. But this book was fantastic because you really felt like you were a part of their adventure. Seeing the landscape, getting the flat tire, falling off the bike, meeting the people, waiting for hours at the borders, all the parts of traveling, especially across Africa.
The extra special part of their adventure was that they would stop in specific spots along the way and do visits with UNICEF, which is the world’s leading children’s organization working to protect children affected by crisis including war, natural disasters, and HIV. It was amazing watching their hearts being opened up to the pain and struggles of these kids. Some of the struggles I had heard about before, but some I hadn’t.
Previously, these guys had an adventure called Long Way Round where they rode their bikes around the world. (I think from London around to Manhattan.) I’m definitely getting that book and the DVD when we get home. If you love adventure and the idea of having an extended journey with your best mate, then I’d really encourage you read this. I loved it! It’s not a short read, and about every 20 pages there is a bad word, but it’s fantastic!!

Overall Grade: A

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Alicia Collins said...

Sarah and Casey,
I have heard Traveling Mercies to be good. I want to read it too. Casey, this looks like a fun book, I am impressed they share their experience and caring w/ children who are suffering. What an escape from the hard life you see their during the week.
love you both, Mom