Monday, March 17, 2008

More Thoughts from the Prince's

Hey guys! We thought we would post a video of our thoughts from our FOURTH weekend here in Cape Town. And watch for some special guests! Love you all!


michelle s said...

Dear Awesome Casey,
We love to see all your smiling faces. And we love to hear all about what is happening to you guys there, and seeing how God is using you and blessing you. You have many here (in Raleigh) praying for you.
Love, the Starbucks
PS Tell Wonderful Sarah we love her!!

Devin said...

Tre and Lauren,
I spied a youth group t-shirt!
I love you guys and am praying for you!(and sarah and casey, too!)Miss you lots! God bless!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Sarah, thanks! That was really deep =0) Your posts always make me think....and then there are Casey's....need I say more? just kidding!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

oh...and this is Adrienne (not Caleb)

Lexi said...

I am so proud of all of you! You guys are def. a gift from God. I wish you well in Africa! Tell my brother and sister i said hello. Love you....God bless!

Andy Lovell said...

Tre and Lauren--

We miss you guys and hope you're having an amazing time!

Love you guys!
-Andy Lovell

Alicia Collins said...

Dear Wonderful Sarah, Casey, Lauren and Tre,
Sooooo enjoyed seeing your video!!! I'm just glad I don't have to hear over and over about the race. I am thinking and praying for you each and every day!!

Tom Burton said...

Hey Sarah and Casey,
Been keeping up with you guys on your blog. It's so neat to see you and know you're so happy and having a great time serving. Casey you do look awesome in spandex but you'll never get out of Sarah's shadow. Miss you guys. The small group"s going strong. We pray for you guys often.
Miss you and love you guys,
Tom Burton

Rebekah said...

your prolly back by now... but wednesday was just not the same...