Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Times Like These...

Hey guys!

So sorry we haven't been able to update too much this week - time is flying by with Lauren and Tre! We are having a blast together just talking, laughing, and doing ministry together. We have been able to show them the different ministries of Living Hope, and they are getting to jump in and love on some people here, too. They have been helping Casey teach in the high schools in the mornings and we are checking out the kids and teen clubs in the afternoon. It is always great to jump in with the kids there - they always have open arms and hearts for us! A special treat for me was taking Lauren with me to my HIV support group on Tuesday afternoon. We shared a beautiful time together as the group opened up their hearts and loved and supported one another. Once again I am reminded of the privilege I have to know these people deeply and love them. They loved meeting Lauren and even had some time with Tre and Casey at the end. What a gift! We have also been doing some exploring of Cape Town in many ways. We have 'bouldered' rocks at Noordhoek Beach, climbed Lion's Head (this CRAZY mountain), gone boogie boarding in the Indian Ocean (ask Tre), and eating enough Billtong for an entire city! I can't express in words how special it is to share this experience with my sister and brother. They are amazing, gracious, and humble, and I love them so much!! Thanks for all your support and prayers this week - more updates and pics to come - PROMISE!


Kristin Ertel said...

I am absolutely thrilled to read (and hear) all that God is teaching you and showing you in Cape Town! Thank you for continuing to keep us informed.

Casey - thank you for sharing your heart and allowing God to refine you as He has created you to be! You have always amazed me and challenged me with your spirit of servant leadership (especially in the times when Sarah is "in the spotlight"). 'Do not throw away your confidence, which has great reward! For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the Will of God, you may receive what was promised!' (Hebrews 10:35-36)

Sarah - My heart is overjoyed with all that God is giving you to experience! Embrace it fully and cherish this time (which I know you are doing!). I am praying for you and Casey and knowing that God has so much in store for you in the days to come!

Love you both!
Kristin (& Chris!)

Alicia Collins said...

Sarah and Casey,
Thanks for sharing these great pictures of you all playing w/ the kids. My secretary Kim and I just laughed and laughed. what a joy you are to these people.

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