Monday, March 17, 2008

Love from the Princes and Jones!

Hello everyone!

Well we have had a wonderful weekend here in Cape Town because Lauren and Tre have been visiting (my sister and brother-in-law)!! We have had a great time catching up and sharing all that God is doing in all our lives. We wanted to share some pictures from our sightseeing adventures as we have shown them the beauty of this city.

Sarah and Lauren

Casey and Tre

All of us at Chapman's Peak

Casey and Tre eating 'billtong' - like beef jerkey and Tre's new obsession!

Baboons are everywhere here...

All of us at the bottom of the Cape Point hike - where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet

Lauren and Tre at Cape Point


caleb said...

i did a double take on casey billtong pic! i thought he had a stogie in his mouth! speaking of which... casey, send me some cubans. i know you can get them there!


Mallory said...

SO exciting! I miss Lauren! They need to come to Raleigh sometime.

Love y'all.