Monday, June 20, 2011

Volunteer HERE!

Alison Gamble and I (one of our interns) and I went to a Volunteer Workshop last week to learn how to best utilize people volunteering their time and passion in our organizations.  It was an OVERLOAD of information, but GREAT stuff.  It really pumped me up for having people work with us here in Africa!

This year God has really uncovered a part of my heart that desires to teach and inspire young people to see God's heart for the last and least in our world.  I have LOVED all the people who have visited us in SA and worked with Ubuntu and Ocean View.  It's something I want MORE MORE MORE of!  So we will continue to position ourselves to be ready for volunteers to come work with Ubuntu and learn from the Ocean View community!

Who is next??
Is it you??

Here are some of the benefits that come from volunteering with Ubuntu and living in Ocean View:
1. Learn about living in a TOWNSHIP in Ocean View
2. Make a difference in the life of others
3. Be exposed to new cultures
4. Learn about soccer ministry
5. Travel!
6. See AFRICA!!
7. Training, skills, and life experience
8. Hang out with the PRINCE FAMILY!

Time for you to make a plan to come to CAPE TOWN!


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