Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sisters United

This week I got to work on a new initiative that Hillsong is starting on.  It's called 'Sisters United' and the goal is to reach women in various township communities to love, mentor, and build up what God is doing there.  Hillsong has been busing in small groups of women from townships for big women's events, but  we have seen such beauty in the Ocean View community as women unite and grow together we want to help foster it in other areas. 
And I get to help with it!  YAY for me! What a dream!

So on Tuesday I went to the northern suburbs of Cape Town to an area called Atlantis, a coloured township that was established during apartheid to move the group out of the city of Cape Town.  It is HUGE now, overflowing with people, and home to another smaller community called Mamre.  Mamre is on the edge of Atlantis, and a farming community made up of coloured folks, and it where I found these incredible women.

An powerful friendship was formed by two woman, a white Afrikaaner named Loretta and a coloured woman named Nolene and they have started to minister together to women in Mamre and Atlantis.  I went for one of their weekly women's meeting in a home in Mamre.  The area is insane because it's made of small homes and 'wendy homes' similar to what I see in Ocean View, but surrounded by horses, chickens, and farm land.  It's actually really beautiful.  As the women opened up, I found their hearts to be broken and needy just like the women I minister to in Ocean View.  Actually, just like my heart too.

It was a beautiful morning and I got to take some of them home and see their humble homes.  There was instant connection and they are ready now to come to Ocean View :)  We will continue to build and mentor these women and bring them into the Hillsong Sisterhood family.  Beautiful things are ahead.

What a privilege I have to reach out to these amazing women.  God is at work.


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