Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Letters

Just some thoughts for today

Dear Ocean View,
I love you so much.  I am so glad we are friends.  Thanks for letting the Prince family be all up in your bizness and for letting us pretend we are coloured.  We know we aren't but we so love thinking we are in our hearts.  I think you grow more beautiful every day.

Dear Kieren's big-girl bed,
You are my new best friend.  Thank you for making Kieren happy and helping her to sleep SO WELL  I love your green big-girl sheets and being able to lay next to her.  I love that she loves to jump on you and run into you.  I just love you.

Dear Diet Coke,
This week I learned that you are toxic.  Like not "duh, of course you are 'good' for me" toxic but in a "whoa you could totally cause me a stroke, peel off my teeth, kill me" sort of toxic.  I am bummed.  This article was NOT good for our relationship.  I think we have to break up.  You know we have had a long, long and intimate relationship.  But I must find a new, less toxic vice.  The only alternative in Ocean View is crystal meth, or 'tick' as they call it, so I am going to keep looking.  Oh I am so sad.

With love,


Kerry said...

hilarious TIMES 100! okay, off to teach about apraxia. which i know nothing about. HELLO GOOD LECTURE, here i come!

Suzassippi said...

You are so funny. :) I'm going to contact you next week when I get to CT and we start seeing how our days line up.

Julie Ostrand said...

You are my oh so creative, hilarious friend. Love your letters and love you even more!

katie said...

hopefully your next "little letters" post won't include a letter to crystal meth ("dear tick, where have you been all my life? why did i waste all that time on diet coke?") xoxox

RichardL said...

Love it! :-)